KJT takes the world’s fastest interview


World junior long jump champion and European under-23 heptathlon champion Katarina Johnson-Thompson is competing in the long jump at the London Anniversary Games on Saturday. Given her penchant for records, we thought we’d test KJT with the world’s fastest interview…

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Jason Richardson destroys the world’s fastest interview

The beautifully dreadlocked Will Smith lookalike (pre-dreads) and world 100m hurdles champion Jason Richardson opens up about his gift for the shot put, habitual banana theft and taking over the world with no trousers on.


How did you celebrate winning silver at London 2012?
If I tell you ALL of the celebratory activities I’d have to kill you but the milder moments involved dinner with my family, Olympic sponsored parties, and making memories for a lifetime.

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Dawn Harper takes the world’s fastest interview

Dawn Harper on Alicia Keys, Will Smith and Thanksgiving family-time at aunt Flossie’s house

Favourite holiday destination?
My aunt Flossie’s house in East St Louis where we meet every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What did you have for breakfast today?
Ooops. It was really bad. I actually had a doughnut and a sausage, egg muffin from McDonalds. 

If you could choose an another event other than your own to compete in what would it be and why?
The 100m. I love the pure speed of the event and to have the title as the fastest women alive would be awesome. 

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Ashton Eaton takes the World’s Fastest Interview

How did you celebrate winning your gold medal at London 2012? I went out to dinner with friends and family then went to Leicester Square to experience London nightlife. Both ruled. 

How much sleep do you get between day one and day two of a decathlon? 5hrs. I know people pull worse but imagine doing treadmill and plyometrics for 12hrs, sleeping for 5, then going another 12hrs. It’s rough.

Favourite snack to eat during a decathlon? A turkey sandwich w/ chips.  So simple, so tasty.  It also makes me feel like throwing up the least after the 400m. 

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