Bolt acclaimed the world’s greatest sportsman

So just who is the greatest sportsman on the planet? Lionel Messi? Roger Federer? Michael Phelps

Well, if we believe the end-of-year of awards then it is athletics superstar Usain Bolt who rolls into 2013 as “The Man.” 

The six-time Jamaican Olympic sprint gold medallist was voted the world’s top male athlete of 2012 by AIPS – the International Sports Press Association.

A panel of 450 sports journalists from more than 100 countries gave Bolt 33.62 per cent of the vote, well clear of runner-up Michael Phelps of the USA who snared 11.43 per cent. The prestigious French sports newspaper L’Equipe also voted Bolt as their Champion des Champions of the world. It is the third-time he has scooped the prize.

The Jamaican’s pre-eminence at the head of world sport was further cemented by the fact he was also voted the world’s top sportsman for 2012 by Russian Agency ITAR-TASS. 


Hannah England races through the world’s fastest interview

World silver medallist Hannah England scores a SPIKES fastest interview record of 5:05. In that time she could have finished the 1500m, popped on her wedding dress and tucked into some fruit pastilles


If you could choose another event to star in, what would it be and why?
The high jump, because I am tall (5ft 10ins / 1.77m). Although I haven’t done it since I was about 14.

What did you have for breakfast today?
Porridge with sultanas.

You’ve just had your hen do. What was the most embarrassing moment?
I was made to go the pub in a wedding dress, which was pretty embarrassing.

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