Are these some of the world’s fastest could-be sprinters?

Andy Murray’s fitness coach reckons that the tennis ace could match Usain Bolt’s speed over 10m. Here, SPIKES runs the speedometer over three other blisteringly fast sports stars…

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Is Andy Murray as fast as Usain Bolt? Yes, says his fitness coach

Tennis ace Andy Murray is just as quick as Usain Bolt – over 10m at least – according to his fitness coach Jez Green.

Speaking to the press ahead of the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam event of the year, Green told reporters that the World No.3 was deceptively fast moving around the court and often hits the same speeds as the world’s fastest man.

“Andy has lazy speed,” said Green. “He doesn’t look as if he’s moving that fast, but it’s deceptive. He’s been clocked at moving at ten metres per second over very short intervals, maybe even as short as a single step, which is as fast as Usain Bolt.

“I’m not saying he is that fast over 100m, but he has great acceleration when he is chasing down a drop shot.”

Green, a former competitive kick-boxer who travels with Murray to many of his tournaments added that Murray’s ability to stop and turn quickly is of greater importance than his flat speed but acknowledged that the US Open champ is naturally fast.

“He could probably run a 50 second 400m if he trained for it.”

Murray himself admitted in a BBC column he sometimes carries out 400m sprints as part of his training and has recorded 52 seconds for the distance.


Andy Murray admits decent 400m PB

Tennis star Andy Murray revealed as part of his BBC sport column his 400m personal best is a respectable 52 seconds.

Answering the tweeted question; If you can win any tournament/achievement in any other sport, which would it be? Murray, the US Open champion and Olympic men’s singles champion, says: ‘It would be cool to win the 100m at the Olympics and be the fastest man in the world. I never do 100m in training because there’s a chance you could pull a hamstring, but I do 400m sometimes. The fastest I’ve done is about 52 seconds, which is reasonable but a long way short of Olympic standard. To give you a bit of context, Mo Farah ran a 52 second lap in the 5000m (at London 2012), but it was after he’d already run 4600m!”

SPIKES is impressed by Murray’s best time, but we wondered which sportsman from outside athletics could run the quickest 400m? Tweet with your suggestions, or tell us on our Facebook page.