Why I love… coffee

With nicknames ilike liquid lightning and morning thunder, there’s no wonder Olympic 1500m silver medallist Leo Manzano can’t get enough coffee. He’s even been tempted to work as a barista.

I grew up drinking coffee and as I’ve got older, I’ve bought more coffee and I’ve got more into it as a social activity. I love coffee, so if you ever want to get hold of me invite me out for a coffee.

It is kind of embarrassing but I’m addicted to coffee. I guess it is one of the better addictions. I usually limit myself to two or three a day and I never have a coffee after 4-5pm.

I’m not particular about the type of coffee I drink, but I like it strong and with a real pop to it. The perfect coffee would have a little milk, whole milk, with a little bit of honey, but not too sweet.

In the morning I stick with a regular coffee but later in the day I tend to have an ice coffee, which is a little more potent and helps me get through the day. By about 2-3pm if I’m feeling a little low of energy I like that boost. I sometimes like a frappuccino.

I’m not going to lie I have been tempted to work as a barista. I used to work at an Italian restaurant and making coffee was one of the few things I never tried, which I regret.