Three things Jenn’s learned…

Olympic pole vault champion and world indoor record holder Jenn Suhr tells us what a decade in athletics has taught her.

Listen to your body

"Never do an exercise that could cause injury, because it is not worth the risk. For example, you might have to an exercise with say ten reps, which you feel like you must complete.

"But if it is causing too much strain on your body and can risk injury, it is not worth it. It is not always good to tough something out."

Talk, talk, talk

"A follow-on from the first point, is to be in regular communication with your coach. Keep him updated about the state of your body as you might be sore from a previous workout. Good communication with your coach is vital."


Moscow medal: Jenn Suhr followed Olympic gold at London 2012 with silver at this year’s world champs

Keep your friends close

"Making good choices and surrounding yourself with good people is crucial. It sounds weird, but when you are successful suddenly people want a part of you.

"However, it is all about surrounding yourself with good people who will support you throughout your career. That is vital. Making bad choices can devastate your career faster than anything."


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