Wilson Kipsang’s world record in numbers


On Sunday, Kenya’s Wilson Kipsang posted this year’s first bona fide athletics world record at an Olympic event by winning the Berlin Marathon in 2:03:23. Kipsang, 31, took 15 seconds off the previous mark, and this is the new men’s marathon record in numbers…

0 – The number of 5km splits Kipsang ran in 15 minutes or above. His fastest 5km split was 14:29 between 15-20km, and his slowest was 14:54 between 20-25km.

– The number of world records set this year in Olympic events following Kipsang’s performance in Berlin. The last time we went a full year without setting a WR was in 1907!

– The number of times Wilson Kipsang has dipped below 2:04. The Kenyan ran 2:03:42 to win the Frankfurt Marathon in 2011, so he’s the first athlete in history to have recorded two sub-2:04 marathons.

3 – The number of Kenyans who have now held the men’s world marathon record. Paul Tergat and Patrick Makau, the previous incumbent, are the others.

6 – The number of men’s world marathon records set at the Berlin Marathon since 1998. The others were Ronaldo da Costa, Tergat, Haile Gebreselassie (twice) and Makau.

29 – The amount of minutes (with some additional seconds) it took the speedy Kipsang to complete the first four 10km sections of the race: 29:17, 29:02, 29:42 and 29:11.

35 – The number of seconds Kipsang covered the final 7.195km of the race quicker than the previous world record holder Patrick Makau did, when setting his world record in 2011. Kipsang trailed Makau’s mark by 20 seconds at 35km.

70 – The number of seconds (ish) it took Kipsang to run every 400m of the entire marathon course. He clocked an average pace of around 2:55 minutes per km (4:42 minutes per mile).

122,000 The amount of money in US dollars that Kipsang won in prize and bonus money. 


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