The moment I became champion of the world #1 – Ato Boldon

In preparation for Moscow, SPIKES has tracked down 10 great world champions to ask them about their first golden moments. First up, Trinidadian sprinter turned pundit Ato Boldon bounces back from 100m disappointment to strike 200m gold in in 1997…

“My first world title [Athens 1997] was a relief more than anything else, because I was probably supposed to win the 100m earlier in the meet. Maurice Greene [the 100m champion and friend] somehow made it on to the track after my win to congratulate me first, so that was nice.

"But then the Trinidad and Tobago federation had no-one around to hand me a flag for my victory lap. At the time, in fact, they said my mother should have brought one!

"I can laugh at it now. Then, not so much laughter: I was pretty upset after the lap. I had a good time in Athens on that victory lap, shadow boxing with the rail-cam and so on, and tossing my shoes into the stands. The flag wasn’t missed really, I made the best of it. For winning gold, I went back home and bought a new house.”

Watch the race below: