Michelle Carter skirts the issue


We love finding out how top athletes would change the rules of the sport. US shot put record holder and world indoor bronze medallist Michelle Carter tells SPIKES that she wants to see the mass introduction of the skirt in track and field.

“For me, I would love for the girls to run and compete in skirts in general. That would be so much fun. The shot put is viewed as a manly sport, but I’m still a girl and paint my nails, do my eyelashes, wear make up and do my hair before I throw.

"I don’t know of any of the girls with [kit] contracts who have competed in skirts but I know a few without a kit contract who have. I would like Nike to design a skirt for me to compete in.

"I like the colour purple, and I would like to wear a frilly skirt to compete in, and also a close to the body skirt – like shorts – but something that would look a little different. I would propose that girls across all events could compete in a skirt. It would be their choice.”