Can the American triple jump king speak the Queen’s English?


World and Olympic triple jump champion Christian Taylor is an all-American boy living and training in the UK, having moved with his coach Rana Reider in the autumn (or should that be the fall?). He has thrown himself into British life like it’s one great big sand pit and SPIKES caught up with him to see if he has been converted…

We put on our novelty Union Jack hat and tested Christian’s knowledge of some phrases that differ in England from his home in the US. For example, in the UK ‘track and field’ is better known as ‘athletics’… 

1. SPIKES: Candy?

Taylor: “Sweets”

2. Eggplant?

"Oh, no idea…"
The correct answer is aubergine, and they are delicious on barbecues.

3. Faucet?

"A tap"

4. Hood?

"Erm, I know boot is at the back. I don’t know…"
The correct answer is bonnet. We’ve heard all about your driving woes, Christian… 

5. Diaper?

"Erm, I don’t know that one either"
No jump! It’s a nappy.

6. Buck?

"Oh, a pound, like a quid"
CORRECT! And a bonus point for quid. You’re showing off now…



7. Restroom?

[Long delay]…. "Washroom?" 
We were looking for toilet, I’m afraid. It’s on the card.

8. Chips?

[Increasingly flummoxed] "Not sure"
The correct answer is crisps, although to be fair you probably never eat them.

9. Freeway?

"I could only say the M1"
We’re afraid a freeway is a motorway, although the M1 is one of them, running from London to Leeds.

10. Sidewalk?

"I’m not doing well at this at all. No idea"
It’s a footpath, or pavement. Adele chases them.

That’s just the four points for you me old mucker (friend). You’ve got a good chance of winning more major international medals than that.

Finally, which of these British rituals and customs do you prefer?

SPIKES: Football or Cricket?
Taylor: “Football”


EastEnders or Coronation Street?
"I don’t really watch either. I would say Coronation Street.

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
"The Beatles"

London or Edinburgh?

Tea or Coffee?

Bangers or Mash or Fish and Chips?
"Bangers and mash"

Nice. Thanks, Christian. They seem to like you over in England so we hope this experience hasn’t scared you away…