Bright like a Diamond: Birmingham in quotes


A sun-kissed and noisy Birmingham crowd saw their Olympic champions sparkle at the mid-point of the Diamond League season with some nail-biting competition – and an extremely excited 18-year-old named Jess Judd. Here’s what the stars had to say …

Jess Judd (GBR) women’s 800m winner

"It feels amazing. I was so nervous before - I just can’t believe it.

"[Fantu] Magiso came up on the outside and I thought I’d stick with her, because she knows what she’s doing. But then I found myself pulling away."

Nesta Carter (JAM) men’s 100m winner

"I always seem to run well in Britain, so I always love coming back."

Andrew Osagie (GBR) men’s 800m third place

"I felt comfortable but I have had a bit of hayfever this week so I really struggled."


Mo Farah (GBR) men’s 5000m winner

"I got a massive roar from the crowd which was good. It reminded me of the atmosphere at the Games, I’ve got great memories from London so that was great today."

Reese Hoffa (USA) men’s shot put winner

"A very good result. 21 metres again, for the second meet in a row. I couldn’t think of a better day and a better meet to do it in."

Perri Shakes-Drayton (GBR) women’s 400m hurdles winner

"I’m not really looking for PBs right now. Championships are for PBs. It’s nice to run a season’s best.

"It’s Birmingham, I love this place. I always seem to run well here. I stuck to that today so I’m pleased."

Dawn Harper-Nelson (USA) women’s 100m hurdles winner

"There are a few things me and my coach want to work on, Lausanne next, then London and then the big game Moscow."


Christine Ohuruogu (GBR) women’s 400m winner

"You don’t want to be championship-ready just yet."

Dai Greene (GBR) women’s 400m hurdles fifth place

"It’s a bit worrying that I seem to be getting slower as the weeks go by so I don’t know what’s going on, so it’s not fun really."

Christian Taylor (USA) men’s triple jump winner

"I’ve come away healthy and it’s a sunny day in Britain. I knew it was going to be a special day. I live down the street now so I can almost call it home.

"We lost Teddy [Tamgho] last year and I would have liked to have competed against him but the triple jump is coming back alive, that’s what I want."