Ashton Eaton finally beaten… by our decathlon quiz


In a bid to find something that Ashton Eaton isn’t a world beater at, SPIKES makes the decathlon WR holder take our test. Phones off, eyes down: it’s decathlon quiz time. 


SPIKES: Which of the following animals would be quickest over 100m: a) horse, b) ostrich or c) dog?

Eaton: “I would say dog” 
can reach speeds of up to 45mph (72kph).

Long jump

Which of the following nations has the longest suspension bridge in the world: a) Japan, b) China or c) Denmark?

"I would say, Japan, those guys have some crazy architects
The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is 3911m long.

Shot put 

Who shot JFK: a) Lee Harvey Oswald, b) John Wilkes Booth or c) Mark Chapman?

"A, although nobody really knows…" 

High jump

Which of the following places has the world’s highest superstructure? 

Eaton answers even before SPIKES has the chance to offer him the multiple choice options: 1000 points! Ashton knows his tall buildings.


The World Championships is celebrating its 30th anniversary in Moscow, but how many different colours has the track been during that time: a) 1, b) 2 or c) 3?

“I’m going to say two” 
It has been both red and blue.


Eaton’s kryptonite: The speed of ostriches, apparently.

110m hurdles

What is the height of the women’s high hurdles: a) 2ft 6ins b) 2ft 9ins or c) 3ft?

"I would say 3ft" 
They are 2ft 9ins, to which Ashton replies:
“they should be 3ft.”


What type of animal is a discus: a) fish, b) mammal or c) amphibian? 

“Mmm… amphibian” 
It’s a fish, famously.

Pole vault

In which year did a Pole last win an Olympic decathlon medal: a) 1952, b) 1972 or c) 1992? 

“I’d say 1972”
It was Ryszard Katus. He won bronze in Munich.


Which city has a rail network called ‘The Javelin’: a) London, b) Paris or c) New York?

“I’m pretty sure it’s London.” 


A former Olympic gold medallist once said the decathlon is “nine Mickey Mouse events and a slow 1500m," was it a) Steve Ovett, b) Seb Coe or c) Carl Lewis?

"Carl Lewis"
It was Steve Ovett. Event ten fatigue must be setting in.

Total score

Six points. A new low for Ashton Eaton, and some 9,033 off his personal best points score. Thanks for playing though, and good luck next time.