The fastest man in fashion

Asafa Powell has ran more sub-10 second 100m races than anyone else, ever. He’s also a part-time agony uncle and full-time fashionista. SPIKES just had to find out more about his new leisure line.


Why did you decide to launch your very own leisure line, Asafa?

“People have been asking me for a while to get things with my image or logo on it. It’s just that up until recently I never had the time to focus on it. Now I have a great team that has pulled everything together. We plan to expand the line down the road to include more pieces of clothing and expand into other areas of fitness.

Fair enough. Have you always been interested in fashion?

"Yes I have, I have my own style and love to mix pieces from D&G with a great pair of Diesel jeans. Let’s face it: nothing fits like a great Gucci suit."  

There aren’t many Gucci suits at SPIKES HQ, so we’ll have to trust you on that one. Why is fashion important to you?

"I think you can make a great statement with your clothes, and it’s also reflective of your mood."

British singer Taio Cruz is happiest when he’s wearing all his favourite brands, brands, brands, brands. Which brands make you happiest, Asafa?

"I love Gucci, D&G, Diesel and Armani but I love great tees and shirts from A&F, Polo and Old Navy."  



Nice! Who designed the clothes for your leisure line? 

“Well Tara [Tara Playfair-Scott, publicity manager and business partner] and I came up with the designs and a lot of them were based on what fans kept asking for. We also factored in what up-and-coming athletes would want to wear, use, or have.”

Who are the three most fashionable athletes on the circuit, other than yourself?

"Sanya Richards-Ross. She just puts herself together well. Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce: she wears her clothes well and is always stylish, and Germaine Mason, he’s very fashionable and unique in his look.”


"Puts herself together well": Olympic 400m champion Sanya Richards-Ross

The SPIKES wardrobe is looking a touch bare, if we’re being honest. Can you recommend us a little something something from your leisure line?

"Gear for the Guys: I love the ‘Sub-10 King’ and ‘I am King shirts’ - they really speak to where I am right now and also give my fans a chance to either express their support, or state that they too are kings in their own right.

"I definitely love the ‘Property of Team Asafa’ and of course the Jamaica-inspired designs. Anything that has the Jamaican colours and our flag makes me feel proud."

You won’t believe this, Powelly, but our pet dog Spike is getting a bit cold this winter…

"There is the ‘Property of Team Asafa’ [dogwear range]. It makes me chuckle. I can just see a dog walking around with it on"

Sold! Cheers Asafa. You can browse the entire collection at