Leo Manzano takes the world’s fastest interview

He may have an Olympic silver medal but what did he have for breakfast? The USA’s 1500m man takes on the world’s fastest interview.


Which athletics event other than your own would you like to star in?
The 800m. The reason why I like it is: it is just two laps as fast as you can, and then you are done. All guns out, and go! It is an incredible event, I love it.

We’re feeling the 800m love, but what pre-competition snack do you love?
I’ll have a banana and some kind of bar.

And what are your plans for today?
Besides this interview, I’ll have a light lunch followed by a light run and some exercises. I’ll then meet my strength coach to do some weight routines.

If anyone could play you in a film, who would it be?
Bruce Lee. He was so focused on what he wanted to do, and had incredible dedication.

We’ve heard he’s still alive, so that might just work. What did you have for breakfast, Leo?
Sunny fried eggs with beans and chorizo. I also had a bowl of fruit and yoghurt.

Who was your most impressive teacher at school?
Miss Bridgewater. She was an English teacher, who didn’t let me get away a lot. She put a lot of pressure on me to work on myself, as a person and student.

What is the one thing you have to take around the athletics circuit?
The computer. It is like a life store for me.

Do you have any superstitions?
I hate spilling salt.

Don’t we all, Leo. What is the worst thing you’ve ever worn?
When I was a kid, aged about seven, I wore a Mickey Mouse shirt.

If you weren’t an athlete, what would you be doing?
I’d be working and learning how to build houses.

How much money do you have in your pocket at the moment?
I’m in athletics shorts, so none.

And finally, what is your favourite holiday destination?
Cancun, Mexico.