"I knew I was fast as a kid but in those days it was all about football"

Olympic 4x100m silver medallist and 100m fifth place finisher Ryan Bailey is a genuine (American) football fanatic who would love to still be playing the game.


"I knew I was fast as a kid but back in those days it was all about football. I liked to hit and I liked to tackle and that’s why I liked the sport so much. It helped me get all of my aggression out.

"I played wide receiver and several positions all over the field. I was pretty good. I fell in love with this girl, though, decided to stay at home to study rather than go away and concentrate on track.

"Today I follow the college game closely on TV and I follow my local team the University of Oregon. My favourite pro-team is the Oakland Raiders.

"My favourite player over the years is Bo Jackson, He was an amazing all-round athlete and played not only pro-football but pro baseball and also ran track.

"If I could pick one person from the world of track who would be ideally suited to American Football I would say Christian Cantwell, the shot putter. He would make a great defensive end. He’s really fast for a big guy. 

"A guy like Trell Kimmons would make a good cornerback and David Oliver would be good. I really miss the sport like crazy. I would like to get back playing but you have to play the cards you have been dealt with.”