Sisters in arms: Queen Harrison’s FIVE heroes

Why have one hero when you can have five? USA’s 400m hurdler Queen Harrison has a quintet of very special heroes.

“Can I choose more than one? [SPIKES: Yes Ma’am] 

"Then I’d have to chose all my five sisters: Graceful, Queen Zuequal, Muun, Princess and Empress.


"They have been a huge foundation for my life and have always pushed me to be the best that I can. They have all been through many life experiences and they’ve encouraged me not to make the same mistakes that they have.

"If I had to have a hero it would be that group of women because they have given me so much. My sisters have pretty much played the role of my parents.

"My father was a very powerful man who gave us an interesting set of names. He just believed we could go on and do great things. Let’s be honest, if your name is Queen you have to do a little something special.

"What my sisters have taught me is to be myself. That is the only person I can be.”