Aries Merritt’s hurdles shake-up

World 110m hurdles record holder Aries Merritt wants to see more exhibition events for his discipline. Now, that’s a good idea.

“I would think exhibition races and running different hurdle distances would be good, like the 200m hurdles, now that would suit me perfectly because I can run a good 200m and already have the hurdles technique.

"I used to run the 300m hurdles at high school and I was good at that distance, so 200m hurdles would be perfect. I also like the idea of a 110m hurdles relay being more regularly run and even being contested at a championship.

"For the USA that would give us a great chance of winning a gold medal, we have so many top hurdlers. I also think having a 4x110m hurdles relay would bolster the importance of the 110m hurdles and put it on a par with the sprints.

"It would be a fun race to run and watch. The hurdles is a very unpredictable race and anything can happen.”