The name’s Jack but you can call me “two hearts and four lungs”

His coach refers to him as “two hearts and four lungs,” but how did Jack Green earn such a blood-pumping moniker? The European under-23 400m hurdles champ explains…

"It was given to be my coach, Malcolm Arnold, during the first year I spent training with him. Malcolm doesn’t give many complements, so even a sly one like that I’m quite happy with.

"I guess he gave me the nickname because I don’t get too much lactic compared to many athletes. I was a former 800m and cross country runner, so I’ve always been able to cope quite well with the endurance training. As a younger kid I wanted to be a 100m runner but I think it was mum who suggested perhaps as a skinny, white kid I perhaps should think about another event.

"I’m really good at the short recovery sessions. So I like to do 9x300m with three minutes recovery. One of my favourite sessions is 350m 150m 300m 100m with 30 seconds between each. I’m just very lucky genes-wise.

"I see myself as a runner in the mould of a Kerron Clement [‘07 and ‘09 world champion] or Angelo Taylor [‘00 and ‘08 Olympic champion]. Perhaps technically not that great but physically superior. Yes, a hurdler like Dai Greene [current world champion] is very good technically… I’m, not [laughs]."

Image: Dai Greene and Jack Green share a joke as they take an ice bath after their training session during the Team GB Track and Field preperation camp at Monte Gordo Stadium on July 25, 2012.