If Kevin could change the rules…

World 400m hurdles record holder and 1992 Olympic champion Kevin Young wants to see a global league for athletics.


"I believe stronger teams need to be set up to help the athletes, raise the profile of the sport and help fans identify more with athletics. We have a strong fan base but following and supporting teams would help more.

"We could have teams based in the world’s big cities and athletes could switch between teams like the top footballers do. Back in the 1970s and 80s in the US we had a stronger team structure, with the likes of Pacific Coast Club and Santa Monica Track Club.

"Each big meeting would be run with points available for each event and the overall winner of each competition would be the team with most points. The top eight or nine teams in the series could then come together for the final.

"Things could be spiced up with transfers between clubs during the season and extra points could be awarded for athletes running outside of their own events. Imagine if Bolt wanted to run a quarter mile and was awarded double points? Wow!"