How I won Olympic gold at 34

Felix Sanchez caused a major surprise this summer by regaining the Olympic 400m hurdles title he first won at Athens 2004. This is how he did it.


The change was from a so-so diet to a more strict diet. I went gluten free and this made a big impact. I also cut out a lot of heavy pasta and this kept me nice and light. Back in 2004 I didn’t know much about diet. I had a lot of heavy pasta and too much chocolate.

I actually went back to the workouts I did back in the 2001-2005 era. We had moved away from that training because I kept getting injured, so from 2007-2011 I did lighter training to steer me away from injury.

I changed by warm-ups to a more dynamic one which takes half the time. This definitely made me feel fitter and stronger.

I never did weights at any point in my career up until last winter. I was starting to feel soft in my old age and thought I needed the muscle. I think it helped me stay healthy and stronger.

So, all in all, I trained three times harder, ate better and shortened my warm-up. Needless to say, it was a success!