If Colin could change the rules…

Two-time world 110m hurdles champion and TV pundit Colin Jackson wants to shake-up the average athletics meet.

I would introduce more novelty events and I would like to bring together different stars from different events to create some sort of hybrid competitions. I believe this would really create a bit of a stir and generate more interest.

Why not have a 150m sprint race? This would bring together the 100m and 200m specialists. How about an 80m hurdles, where the 60m hurdles specialists would clash with the 110m hurdles exponents?

Handicap races would also a great addition, even if you were to introduce them like a prologue before the main meeting. 

I also think some sort of mini-decathlon would be great. When I was competing I could have easily have done a triangle competition of 110m hurdles, 100m and long jump. I would have loved to have done that.

I also support more street competitions. This really helps attract a different kind of athletics fan, one who wouldn’t normally attend an authentic track and field meeting. Both Newcastle and Manchester (UK Great City Games) host annual street athletics competitions and what each has shown is that there’s a real appetite for that kind of athletics.